Ben Wood Johnson, Ph.D.

Ben Wood Johnson, Ph.D.

Educational Consultant
Hello, I'm Dr. Johnson...

I appreciate your interest in me. I am an educational consultant. My areas of expertise include the following: school law, public policy, politics, ethics, leadership, juvenile delinquency, information technology, and crime. If you wish to learn more about me, please visit my official website.

Ben Wood Johnson, Ph.D. Address:PO Box 214, Middletown PA, 17057
Date of birth:April 12, 1975 Languages:ENG, ESP, FRE, ITA, POR, & [MUL...]

I am an educator, a philosopher, and the author of a number of publications, including three books about Jean-Paul Sartre and Ethics. Presently, I am working on several other projects pertaining to education and politics. My academic credentials are very diverse. My professional expertise is also extensive. I have a law enforcement background. Below are some of my skills and the kinds/types of services I provide.


  • Education

    Having the right educator on board is quintessential for success. The delivery of information must be tailored to suit the needs of every learner.

  • Ethics

    Every decision has some ethical implications. The problem is that few people understand the ramifications of their actions. It is important to grasp ethics.

  • Criminal Justice

    Some say that the Criminal Justice system is slanted to benefit a few to the detriment of many, particularly minorities. We need to dig deeper.

  • Politics

    Politics is the art of hiding oneself. The role of a political analyst is to uncover what is hidden in both plain sights and in the deepest corners.

  • Public Policy

    Society cannot function without the right rules. Public policies do not always benefit the public. Few people understand the roots of such policies.

  • Philosophy and Law

    The law is the foundation of society. Philosophy is the essence of our existence therein. It is important to reconcile both the law and philosophy.



This text examines the nature of the works Sartre compiled about ethics. It explores some of the arguments that are often offered against the role Sartre played in the ethical genre. It seeks to demonstrate that Sartre was a moral philosopher by referencing the works of several scholars in the field. Get it Now!

Sartrean Ethics, New Book

This blog was designed as a promotional tool. It is a rough draft of Dr. Johnson’s thoughts and opinions on various issues. The site features both academic and non academic activities. But the views articulated on the site may not be considered politically correct. The hope is to instigate an intellectual debate. Go Now!

Ben Wood Post, Official Blog

Dr. Johnson currently resides in the Keystone State. His academic interests and professional expertise include Politics/International Relations, International Security, Public Safety and Security, Leadership, Law, Public Policy, Ethics, and Education. He held leadership positions in security and law enforcement. Go Now!

Ben Wood Johnson, Official Website


  • 2009-2012

    Doctorate Degree

    Doctor of Philosophy

    Doctorate in Philosophy from Penn State University (Ph.D.). Areas of focus include the following: Educational Policy, Educational Administration, School Leadership, School Law, School Ethics, and School Technology (Cyber Bullying).

  • 2013-2014

    Master's Degree

    Political Science

    Master’s Degree in Political Science from Villanova University (M.A.). Areas of focus include the following: International Law, World Politics (International Relations), African Politics (The Sahara Region), and Political Theory.

  • 2008-2009

    Master's Degree

    Public Administration

    Master’s Degree in Public Administration (M.P.A.) from Penn State University. Areas of focus include the following: Organizational Theory, Management and Government, Organizational Behavior, Public Policy, Program Evaluation and Analysis, and Human Resources.

  • 2005-2007

    Bachelor's Degree

    Criminal Justice

    Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice (B.S.C.J.) from Penn State University. Areas of focus include the following: Crime Statistics, Domestic Violence, Juvenile Delinquency, Race and Crime, Jail and Prisons, Policing, Ethics, Organized Crime, and Street Gangs.

  • 2003-2005

    Associate Degree (Inc)

    Police Studies

    Police Studies From John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Areas of focus include the following: American Government and Politics, Public Policy, Police Studies, Plea Bargaining, and Policing.


  • 1992-Present

    Teacher and Instructor

    Teaching and Other

    Dr. Johnson has taught a variety of subjects. They include, but are not limited to, the following: Educational Policy, Policing and Crime, Ethics, Leadership and Management, and Languages (English and Spanish). He has taught in both professional and academic settings.

  • 2004-2015

    Security/Safety Analyst

    Security Consultant

    Dr. Johnson worked as a security consultant. His duties included: security management, investigation, intelligence, security operations, risk assessment, security prevention, and reconnaissance or advance operations.  Dr. Johnson worked for a number of firms, including HT Security.

  • 1994-2014

    Language Specialist

    Language Translator

    Dr. Johnson is fluent in several languages. He worked as a language translator for a number of firms and governmental entities. He translated interviews, transcripts, and other documents. Dr. Johnson translated conversation from his native tongue (French) into English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian (more…).

  • 1995-2016

    HT National Police

    Police Officer

    Dr. Johnson was trained as a police officer. He attended an intensive training session at the Fort Leonard Wood/Police Training Camp, in Missouri (USA). Dr. Johnson graduated as a Patrol Officer among the best students of his class. He was subsequently trained as an Anti-Riot and Swat Team Officer.

  • 1996-2004

    Presidential Security

    Security Officer

    Dr. Johnson worked as a special agent in the HT Presidential Security Unit (PSU). He led the Counter Ambush and Counter Terrorism team, which was responsible for the safety and security of a foreign leader. Dr. Johnson also led the first HT Secret Service/Counter Terrorism Team.

  • 1996-2004

    Police/Security Instuctor

    Training Coordinator

    Dr. Johnson was the training coordinator for the HT Presidential Security Unit (CAT Team). He supervised the recruitment and the training of new members. Dr. Johnson was also in charge of establishing a liaison between foreign officials and the HT Secret Service Team.




4+ Published Books

My Recent Works

Applied Statistical Package

Public Administration (ASPPA)

Statistical Package

Social Sciences (SPSS)

Contact Address:PO Box 214, Middletown PA, 17057
Date of birth:April 12, 1975 Languages:ENG, ESP, FRE, ITA, POR, & [MUL...]

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